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At APIFAC, our products are manufactured under the strict supervision of qualified food technologists from purely synthetic sources as compared to other manufacturers who utilize cheaper animal sources for raw materials. As a result, our product conforms to the Food Chemical Codex Standard laid down by the U.S. government and is free from minute traces of cobalt, lead, etc that cause rancidity of fats used in the dough.

In addition, given the synthetic sources of raw materials, our product is truly vegetarian in origin an added benefit in todays’ sensitive market.

In order to ensure highest quality of the finished product, APIFAC enrolls highly qualified and experienced chemists. APIFAC maintains strict quality control checks for all its products. The company also maintains proper records of all its clients and ensures that the finished product is exactly as per the customer's requirements.

APIFAC is always striving to deliver all products with high class quality standards.

14+ Partners companies

We have partnered with over 14 companies as direct suppliers for their products.

57 Market products

Over the past 10 years we have added more than 50 products to our company portfolio

150+ Happy Clients

We are associated with more than 150 companies and over 200 products for the last 15 years

Our products

Did you buy a ready-to-eat meal recently? Then you have tasted our products.
When you think of biscuits, cakes, mixtures, toasts and everything read-to-eat, you think of us. We are the product partners for some of the biggest brands in India.

Research and Development

Since APIFAC was conceived by a technocrat, Mr. N T Kuruvilla (B.Tech), the company has always given paramount importance to research and development. The company initially started with the production of MACP and within a short span of 5 years, thanks to the efforts put in by the research and development team, APIFAC successfully developed a vast range of food additives that are required by the biscuit and confectionery industry, which prior to the introduction of APIFAC, imported all these chemicals as per their requirements.

Our ideology is to work closely with our clients on their product and application requirements which enable us to manufacture the products which are exactly as per the client’s specification.

Our expertise in the biscuit and confectionery industry and areas of applications enable us to provide our clients with specific food additive formulations, for niche products as well as large scale offerings.



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