Tricalcium phosphate


Phosphate compounds, milk, glass polishing and dental powders and pastes, clarifying sugar syrups, animal feeds, non caking agent, calcium replenisher, dietary supplement and antacids. Enrichment, fortification or restoration. Also used as anticaking agent, buffering agent, chewing gum base, clarifying agent, emulsifier (Japan), fat rendering aid, leavening agent, stabiliser, yeast nutrient.

  • Chemical Name: Tri Calcium Phosphate
  • E Number: E341c
  • Empirical Formula: Ca3(PO4)2
  • Molecular Weight: 310.18
  • Structural Formula:

FOOD USE: Breads/ Cereals/ Cornmeal/ Dietary supplements/ Dietetic foods/ Farina/ Flour/ Formulated liquid diets/Infant formulae/ Meal replacements/ Pasta/ Rice.

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