Precipitated calcium carbonate


Antacid and calcium supplement, antidiarrheal agent, foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, manufacture of paint, rubber, plastics, paper, dentrifices, ceramics, putty, polishes, inks, fillers in adhesives, matches, pencils crayons, etc, insoluble white food colour used to impart a white opaque effect to food products such as sugar confectionery, non-dairy creamers and salad dressings.

Colour must be dispersed into a suitable medium since it is insoluble in solvents except acids. Dissolves readily in acidic media. Dissolves slowly in water containing carbon dioxide.

  • Chemical Name: Calcium Carbonate
  • E Number: E170
  • Empirical Formula: CACO3
  • Molecular Weight: 100.09
  • Structural Formula:

FOOD USE: Breads/ Cornmeal/ Dietary supplements/ Dietetic foods/ Farina/ Flour/ Formulated liquid diets/ Infant formulae/ Meal replacements/ Pasta/ Rice.

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